Friday, November 22, 2013

In the Spirit of the Upcoming Holidays: Events at the Children's Library & Taos Plaza


Everyone has heard the tale of “Beauty and the Beast” or “Bella y la Bestia”. Dr. Lucille Gallegos-Jaramillo (Dr. G.) has again taken the liberty of telling her version of this story.  The story will be told bilingually (Spanish and English).  Come and meet Belle (Bella), the Prince (el Principe) and “the Beast” (la Bestia) on Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 10:30 AM.  The story book reading and special craft will be held at the Taos Children’s Library and is offered FREE for audiences of all ages.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Know Your Library #4


       A service of the Taos Public Library

  written by Joanne Forman

We’re up to the 300s in our survey of the books in the Taos Public Library: Social Sciences.

 November brings the holiday of Veterans’ Day—which was

Originally Armistice Day; remembering November 11, 1918, when Germany and the allied powers halted the senseless slaughter that had left millions dead.
     Like all wars, especially the horrendous wars of the 20th century, the sorry story gave rise to some of the great novels: Ernest Hemingway’s A FAREWELL TO ARMS,  e.e. cummings THE ENORMOUS ROOM,  Dalton Trumbo’s JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN, to name just a few.
     But probably the most brilliant and poignant of them all was by the German Erich Maria Remarque: ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. This story of a small group of German soldiers is universal: they’re kids—none of them is yet twenty years old, and, if they cannot at the beginning articulate it, they know well they’ve been hoodwinked, robbed, swindled.
Here is all the misery of the insane trench war—starvation, disease, unspeakable wounds, boredom relieved only by terror.
     Toward the end of the book, Remarque shows well why this novel was one of the first banned by Hitler:
     “It’s queer, when one thinks about it,” goes on Kropp, “we are here to protect our fatherland. And the French are over there to protect their fatherland. Now who is in the right?”
…..”Then what exactly is the war for?
…..”Every full-grown emperor requires at least one war, otherwise he would not become famous…”
,,,,,almost all of us are simple folk. And in France, too, the majority of men are labourers, workmen or poor clerks. Now just why would a French blacksmith or a French shoemaker want to attack us? No, it is merely the rulers….

…..”There are other people back behind there who profit by war……”

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Staff Picks Of The Month For November

In case you haven't seen our display in the library, our staff regularly recommends books, CD's and DVD's that we like. This month's selections are:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Look Who Also Showed Up On Halloween!

Do you recognize this royal highness?

Here's a hint: She has lots of treats for our youngest patrons.