Friday, July 7, 2017

Teen Summer Reading Program 2017
Viral Video Class

We had ten students participate in this year’s Viral Video Class, which is almost three times as many people who attended last year. In the span of 4 afternoons we planned and filmed the video around Taos Public Library. Featuring: River Johnson, Natasha McLaughlin, Isabell McLaughlin, Arry Jeantette, Luna Jeantette, Jaiden Jeantette, Isabelle Davidson & Gawan Roberson. Stay awesome, kids!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


June 2017. written for the Taos Public Library by Joanne Forman……


     Count your blessings! In an increasingly troubling and turbulent world, we can still--while being mindful of it—, usually, have enough to eat—and can gather for food and sociability without——being strafed or bombed. And one of our numerous blessings: it’s time for BARBECUE!

     As always, your Taos Public Library has books to make your summer barbecue tastier and more interesting. Barbecue chefs generally think that their recipes are the one, true way to barbecue bliss. But the books in our library indicate that there are all kinds of barbecue from all over the world: here’s just a few to get you started.

     The American Grill by David Barick &Thomas Ongalis, 641.5784 B252a, indicates that even in the United States there are regional differences: what is The Law in Texas may not at all be the case elsewhere: take your pick!

     Asian Grilling by Vickey Liley—all these books are in the 641. area—provides ample recipes from across the vast continent, with it’s many different flavors and ways of putting a barbecue together. If you want to imagine yourself a free-riding horseman of the desert or the steppe—who’s to stop you?

…..Barbecue: over 200 sizzling dishes for outdoor eating by Christine France. 641.76 Fra. Why does food always seem to taste better outdoors? Maybe it’s because for most of human history that’s where we ate. (possibly by keeping an eye out to be sure that something or somebody didn’t eat us!)

…..If you don’t have a garden, don’t lose hope: Indoor Grilling from Time-Life Books, will give you hope and many ingenious recipes.641.76Ind. And, of course, you can have barbecue even when it’s snowing outside!

…..The Sunset Grill, from the editors of the popular magazine of that title will offer even more and innovative
ideas for barbecue season. 641.578Sun

…..Even if you’re a novice worried about setting your garden—or yourself—on fire, there’s help to make you into an experienced barbecue chef. Nothing like a movie:
Will show you how to pull it off with panache.

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