Staff Picks of the Month

Staff Picks of the Month

Every month staff reviews their favorite books or movies


Cheryl’s Pick of the Month


 How to Do Great Online Research

By Kezia Endsley

Regardless the intended age group, this is a good book with excellent guidelines for doing online research.  Examples and illustrations are clear and easy to follow. As more and  more books,  encyclopedias,  periodicals, and so forth are available online (sometimes the only place they are available!), honing our abilities to utilize the Internet for more than  recreational purposes is becoming ever important.
In addition to advice on choosing a source wisely, the reader will learn how to pick good search terms, picking a search engine, netiquette and being safe online.  Basics for writing a good research paper are also discussed including how to write citations and things to avoid such as plagiarism.  A glossary, bibliography and  index are included.
New Teen 001.42                                   Happy Researching!
Nothing To Envy

New Book - 306.095 Dem

If you’re at all interested in what it’s like to live in North Korea, I highly recommend this book. It tracks the lives of several North Koreans from various walks of life. It’s full of fascinating details such as the gruesome, anti-American children’s literature read by students, what it’s like to be a dating teenager, how the North Koreans look at their own and other countries and much more.

It’s an easy-to-read and engaging narrative. Some of the events our heroes go through, however, are harrowing and unforgettable.


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