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Friday, March 11, 2016


March 2016…written for the Taos Public Library by Joanne Forman
    (International Womens’ Day is March 8)
     My trusty Century dictionary defines the word feminism as “the doctrine advocating extension of
the activities of women in social and political life.”
     That seems self-evident nowadays, to be taken for granted. Reading A CENTURY OF STRUGGLE by Eleanor Flexner and Ellen Fitzpatrick will remind us that it took nearly that— EIGHTY YEARS before American women were “given” the right to vote.305.42Fbl9c.
      The very interesting and informative DVD MAKERS indicates that everything women have won (so far) has not been “given” but fought for. (The film opens with the first woman to run the Boston marathon—in 1959!)
     The indispensable text on the resurgence of the feminist movement in the 1960s and beyond is THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE by Bette Friedan.305.42Fri.
     While Friedan’s seminal book talks mostly about and is directed mostly to white middle-class women, COLONIZE THIS! YOUNG WOMEN OF COLOR ON TODAY’S FEMINISM will correct that. Edited by Daisy
Hernandez and Bushra Rehman. 305.42Col.
      Alas, just about every woman has been told by a smug male, “just lie back and enjoy it”, Susan Brownmiller tackles this worldwide problem in    AGAINST OUR WILL: MEN, WOMEN AND RAPE. 364.1532b885a.

    The world of Islamic women is explored in: WOMEN’S REBELLION AND ISLAMIC MEMORY by Fatima Mernissi. 305.48697M566u. As it increasingly dawns on Americans that the Muslim world exists, it is useful to learn about it!

     Exploring the world of motherhood and attitudes over the ages is OF WOMAN BORN by Adrienne Rich. 301.42R498w.

     For a psychological/psychoanalytic approach: SEXUAL CONTRADICTIONS by JANET SAYERS.

     Interestingly, books about the 19th century history of feminism are only in the Childrens’ room. While this is of cardinal importance, perhaps we need adult expositions as well of: THE SENECA FALLS WOMEN’S RIGHTS CONVENTION by Sabrina Crew and Dale Anderson. J305.42c.

     Perhaps the most famous woman of all on this topic is Susan B. Anthony, who was ridiculed, feared, discounted—and even physically attacked. See MARCHING WITH SUSAN: SUSAN B. ANTHONY AND THE FIGHT FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE. By Claire R. Murphy. Jf Mur.

     For a trenchant discussion of women in Central America and the Mexican state of Chiapas see FEMINISM AND THE LEGACY OF REVOLUTION by Karen Kampwurth. 305.42.

     As always, this is just a brief sampling of the 91 books available in our TAOS PUBLIC LIBRARY on this subject. Browse!!

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